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New team doesn’t show up in Apple Developer

So you invited someone to be a developer on your team, they accepted the invitation, they can use AppStore Connect, but not Apple Developer. What gives? Organization You must be an organization for your team members to get access to Apple Developer. If you are an individual developer, your team members get access to AppStore […]

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Embedding Laravel Passport keys in .env

When deploying a Laravel project to a server, in an ideal scenario, there are two primary steps you should follow: Clone your git repository Configure the .env file However, the introduction of Laravel Passport seemed to disrupt this streamlined process. Every time I deployed to a new server, I found myself needing to manually copy […]

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Redis Sentinel with Laravel

As the use of Redis Sentinel with Laravel does not appear to be documented at the time of writing, I’m sharing the configuration I’m using. This is the redis section of my config/database.php: ‘redis’ => [ ‘client’ => env(‘REDIS_CLIENT’, ‘predis’), ‘options’ => [ // Don’t set ‘cluster’ option. The only valid values are ‘predis’ and […]

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Auto-reloading Filament (v3) panels using Vite

When integrating a Filament panel into your Laravel project, you might find that Vite’s auto-reloading feature isn’t functioning as expected. This issue arises because the panel isn’t loading Vite-managed resources. While a long-term solution might involve crafting your own Filament theme that incorporates Vite, there’s a straightforward workaround available. By tweaking the AdminPanelProvider class to […]

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Removing LUKS full-disk encryption

My homelab server is a NUC running Ubuntu that I previously used as a desktop. To ensure it automatically boots up after a power-failure I wanted to disable the LUKS full disk encryption that I use on all my desktops and laptops. GRUB method For some reason most how-to’s out there use this method: Generate […]

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Markdown Editor for ClassicPress

The posts and pages on this ClassicPress blog are written in Markdown. To render them as HTML I used the azrcrv-markdown plug-in. It did its job well, but it lacks a Markdown editor. To fix that I created a plug-in that replaces the regular ClassicPress editors (TinyMCE and Quicktags) with a Markdown editor (EasyMDE). You […]

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Replacement UDM Pro CPU fan

About six months ago the CPU fan in my UDM Pro started rattling. That’s right: not HDD fan which is easily swapped with one from Noctua, but the rather obscure CPU fan. As I could not readily find a replacement I ended up lifting the sticker on the fan and adding a few drops of […]

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Bynco Review

In October 2019 I tried to buy a car online using Bynco. Unfortunately someone else bought the car I was interested in before I could do so. I ended up buying a similar car elsewhere. Two months ago I gave Bynco another shot. As they appear quite popular with expats and non-Dutch speakers I decided […]

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CarPlay or an AI box?

Recently, I looked into dongles that take the existing CarPlay head unit in your car and make it work wirelessly. Unfortunately all of these dongles suffer the same problem: a 1-2 seconds delay when making phone calls. There’s also no way to use CarPlay for apps while still routing phone calls through regular Bluetooth. At […]

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Update: all content has been migrated. Will keep this post around to test theme and plugins. While content is being migrated, you can find the old blog at Testing my new Markdown editor plug-in for ClassicPress. Does it work? Yes No Not sure More test. <?php echo "code test"; testing, 1, 2, 3. 4.

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