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Linux L2TP/IPSec with iPhone and Mac OS/X clients

After moving to China I ran into a few issues that got me to install a VPN. Namely: Latency. I frequently use SSH to access remote servers in US and EU and for some reason the latency here is terrible. Running SSH over a VPN seems to resolve this. A nice bonus is that idle […]

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Super Freeswan and Windows XP

Wanted to throw out WPA for several reasons, I switched to IPSEC for my wireless network which includes a Windows XP machine… This is just a quick reference for myself so I don’t have to figure it out all over again when I add a Windows machine to the network. On the Freeswan box Edit […]

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Draytek Vigor2200 <-> FreeS/WAN HOWTO

v1.00 2002/01/24 – first v1.01 2002/03/06 – latest firmware supports PFS and fixes accidental v1.02 2002/08/16 – make sure to use the scheduler in lan-lan profile pass-through of IKE packets when DMZ is used ##Situation We have a large network with a FreeS/WAN Linux box on internal IP and external (public internet) IP […]

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