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Markdown Editor for ClassicPress

The posts and pages on this ClassicPress blog are written in Markdown. To render them as HTML I used the azrcrv-markdown plug-in. It did its job well, but it lacks a Markdown editor. To fix that I created a plug-in that replaces the regular ClassicPress editors (TinyMCE and Quicktags) with a Markdown editor (EasyMDE). You […]

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I’m a business owner with a background in Product Management, DevOps, Manufacturing and International Trade. Read more about me on LinkedIn or GitHub. This blog is powered by ClassicPress. Some content may have been previously published on,, or other domains no longer in my possession. Subscribe to my blog using RSS or […]

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Update: all content has been migrated. Will keep this post around to test theme and plugins. While content is being migrated, you can find the old blog at Testing my new Markdown editor plug-in for ClassicPress. Does it work? Yes No Not sure More test. <?php echo "code test"; testing, 1, 2, 3. 4.

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