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Embedding Laravel Passport keys in .env

When deploying a Laravel project to a server, in an ideal scenario, there are two primary steps you should follow:

  • Clone your git repository
  • Configure the .env file

However, the introduction of Laravel Passport seemed to disrupt this streamlined process. Every time I deployed to a new server, I found myself needing to manually copy the oauth-private.key and oauth-public.key files.

In search of a solution to embed these keys within the .env file, I first stumbled upon this method on Laracasts. Although functional, it appeared somewhat untidy due to the double-escaped newline characters.

My pursuit for a cleaner solution led me to another approach on StackOverflow.

To avoid the hassle of manually reformatting these keys, I’ve crafted a convenient convert.php script for the task:


$privateKeyContent = str_replace(["-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----", "-----END PRIVATE KEY-----", "\r", "\n"], ["", "", "", ""], trim(file_get_contents('storage/oauth-private.key')));
$publicKeyContent = str_replace(["-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----", "-----END PUBLIC KEY-----", "\r", "\n"], ["", "", "", ""], trim(file_get_contents('storage/oauth-public.key')));

echo "PASSPORT_PRIVATE_KEY=\"-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----\n{$privateKeyContent}\n-----END PRIVATE KEY-----\"\n";
echo "PASSPORT_PUBLIC_KEY=\"-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----\n{$publicKeyContent}\n-----END PUBLIC KEY-----\"";

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