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Google Gears 64-bit

Heads up! This post is more than a year old.

Links to outdated and potentially dangerous binaries have been removed.

While eagerly installing Offline Gmail on my computers I ran into the fact the Google Gears is actually not available for 64-bit Linux. I managed to find a number of builds out there, but none that would actually work for me with Offline Gmail or the new WordPress.

Building it myself wasn’t as straight forward as I hoped, so let me safe you the hassle and allow me to share the result with you:


This build was tested with Firefox 3.0.5 on (k)Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid. Enjoy!

EDIT: Firefox reports the download to be 4G, but it will complete successfully after 2.7M.

Updated binary:


This build was tested with Firefox 3.0.9 on (k)Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty. (It will install but NOT work on Firefox 3.5.)

Updated binary:


Did not change anything for Firefox 3.5 this time, since it doesn’t work anyway.