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Comparing web hosting packages

Heads up! This post is more than a year old.

Comparing web hosting packages is harder than it seems. When searching for the best deal there is a huge list of companies claiming to offer all the features you could ever want and more bandwidth than you need.

Unfortunately, most of these offers are useless. The small print usually contains one or more vague clauses allowing the web hosting company to shutdown your website as it pleases. Typical reasons are that your website is ‘interfering with the performance of other customer websites’ or that you have been found to use ‘a’ script that is on their list of ‘insecure programs’.

Some things can’t even be found in the small print. I personally use Servage. They offer 510GB of traffic per month. Last night however I’ve seen a rumor confirmed that they don’t give you 510GB per month per se. Instead they give you 510GB/30 = 17GB per day. Now I know a few high-traffic websites and none of them have a traffic pattern that is the same every day of the week. This means it’s practically impossible to benefit from the full 510GB. You won’t even get close.

My problem is not that these limitations exist. Considering the low prices I actually expect some to be there. What is my problem however, is that I have to spend hours reading terms & conditions, disclaimers and rumors on forums to figure out which company has the limitations that least impact my needs.