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Windows Mobile 5.0 on HX4700

Heads up! This post is more than a year old.

After many delays HP finally released a Windows Mobile 5.0 upgrade for the HX4700. Normally I wouldn’t care about the Windows upgrades, but unfortunately Linux does not support the built-in WiFi of the HX4700 yet.

Running the upgrade from VMWare caused too many problems with the USB passthrough. It got to 50% once out of 20 tries. I ended up using a Windows machine. The upgrade isn’t too exciting, but the improvements are useful enough to spend the $40.

Keeping an eye on the Linux WiFi progress though. OPIE and GPE ran great on my previous IPAQ so I’ll surely switch when WiFi is available. More info at

If you use synce (or synce-kde) you will have to add the new USB id’s to ipaq.c in your kernel source tree:

{ USB_DEVICE(0x03F0, 0x0301) }, /* HP USB Sync */

I hear a lot of complaints about the speed of the HX4700 after the update. Hint: turn off automatic error reporting.