Niels - November 30, 2005
Heads up!    This post was written 15 years ago.

Inspired by David’s urge to maximize eye candy on his newly installed Linux machine and old memories of a cutting edge Enlightenment DR16 I decided to check out its latest version.

Although still beta, the latest version is called E17. It’s a complete rewrite and has been in development for quite some time now. Based on Shadoi’s i386 repository I built some amd64 packages for debian unstable. Building and installing Shadoi’s packages went very smoothly.

E17 is running a small 12 hours now, but so far it feels quite stable. The file manager wasn’t included in the packages and the media player feels a little basic, but as a window manager and basic desktop environment I might actually decide to stick with it. I wont throw screenshots and a lengthy description of the eye candy at you; there are many out there already and it’s a much better idea to just try yourself anyway :)

For those who fear destroying their beloved setup there is a live-cd available with both version 16.8 and 17 called elivecd.