Unlocking Pilmo Voicefinder

Niels - October 25, 2005
Heads up!    This post was written 16 years ago.

A while ago I posted a small HOWTO on how to use Pilmo and the Pilmo Voicefinder with Asterisk. In response to that I got some requests on how to unlock the Voicefinder. Although there is no need to unlock it when using my instructions, here’s how:

Download an original Addpac firmware from http://www.addpac.com/addpac_eng/customer.html

Just type AP200 in the download box and you’ll get a list of available firmwares.

The voicefinder will reboot using the newly uploaded original firmware. It will ask your DHCP server for an IP address. Go there with your favorite web browser and behold.. a full Addpac webinterface :)