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Pilmo and Asterisk

Heads up! This post is more than a year old.

The last few years I’ve been using Pilmo as my voip provider and am quite pleased with it. The good thing about them is that they supply me with a regular Dutch phone number including a normal area code and not some weird number in one of the dedicated voip number ranges. The bad thing about them is that prices at other providers have been dropping and they are slow to follow.

What I wanted was to keep Pilmo for my incoming calls and use other providers for my outgoing calls. Unfortunately the ATA they supply is more or less locked. I decided to install Asterisk and tweak its config to proxy between their ATA and the Pilmo servers. I can now receive calls on my Pilmo phone number and call everyone I know, even abroad, for free using an IAX channel to

I posted my config to: