Windows Mobile 5.0 on HX4700

Niels - March 23, 2006
Heads up!    This post was written 15 years ago.

After many delays HP finally released a Windows Mobile 5.0 upgrade for the HX4700. Normally I wouldn’t care about the Windows upgrades, but unfortunately Linux does not support the built-in WiFi of the HX4700 yet.

Running the upgrade from VMWare caused too many problems with the USB passthrough. It got to 50% once out of 20 tries. I ended up using a Windows machine. The upgrade isn’t too exciting, but the improvements are useful enough to spend the $40.

Keeping an eye on the Linux WiFi progress though. OPIE and GPE ran great on my previous IPAQ so I’ll surely switch when WiFi is available. More info at

EDIT: If you use synce (or synce-kde) you will have to add the new USB id’s to ipaq.c in your kernel source tree:

{ USB_DEVICE(0x03F0, 0x0301) }, /* HP USB Sync */

EDIT 2: I hear a lot of complaints about the speed of the HX4700 after the update. Hint: turn off automatic error reporting.